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Reach your health and fitness goals

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition by gaining access to your personalised meal plan, dietitian-approved recipes and direct coaching all within the app.

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Fall back in love with food

BiteRite plans and tracks all of your dietary requirements for the week ahead. Enjoy regular eating based on dietitian-designed recipes that are not only healthy but also quick to make and many can be made in advance.

All of your calories are tracked and you can look back and compare your results over time.

Stay on target with your goals with regular check-ins and direct access to your own dietitian coach for when you need that extra help.

Thousands of healthy recipes

Every recipe has a macro breakdown so you can see the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats in each meal.

Quickly check the time and skill level for each recipe and also filter out any allegies or dietary requirements you may have.

If you’re cooking for more than one, it’s easy to increase the serve size. Many recipes can also be made in advance or frozen for busy periods during the week.

Direct Chat with your Dietitian

BiteRite is more than a recipe and meal tracker. You have direct access to a qualified dietitian via the in-app chat.

They are on hand to help with setting your goals, advice on your diet and keeping you motivated to acheive your goals.

They will check in with you each week to esnure you are sticking to your meal plan and to answer any questions you may have had during the week.


Dietitian Approved Meal Plans

Follow your personal meal plan designed by our dietitians or swap out meals with your favourite recipes.

Select from a range of different styles of food and lots of recipes accommodate your dietary exclusions including dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options.

We know life happens, so you can replace your meals to allow for those special occasions.  Then use the calorie tracker to adjust your meals for the rest of the week to get back on track.

Shopping List

Automatically create a shopping list from your meal plan with the click of a button.

Add additional serves if you’re cooking for more than one.

All ingredients are then grouped into grocery store sections and it’s just a simple click to mark items off your list.

User Reviews


It’s easy to use and has some many amazing recipes. I love how each recipe is one serve so it very easy to change serves. I also like the chat box…

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They reply to your questions very quickly. I would like to see in the future the ability to cross of each ingredient in the recipe and I would also like a meal preparation list to go with the shopping list. This would be great as you would be able to meal prep once or twice a week for the main dishes, instead of cooking every day.


This app is amazing ! I love the recipes and the support you get. Whenever I have a question I get an answer so quickly. Its very easy to follow this program…

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with easy recipes and I wish I had joined sooner. It has honestly changed my eating patterns and made me excited for every meal which has had a huge impact on my life.


I really love the concept, all the recipes I have tried so far are very tasty and love that they are macro friendly. I chose the discovery plan as I just wanted extra inspo for meal…

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planning and I am maintaining my weight. I chose the discovery plan as I just wanted extra inspo for meal planning and I am maintaining my weight. 


I love that this app gives you the option of selecting how many meals you’re cooking for and then generates the shopping list to reflect this – I’ve not come across this with…

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any other meal planning app and it makes it so much easier to cook for the whole family on the same meal plan. So far recipes have been delicious. Husband and kids have demolished everything we’ve cooked so far. I also love that meals/snacks double up over a few days so you’re not cooking something different for every single meal, yet there’s still enough variety. I’m super impressed with the flexibility of putting together the shopping list – either shopping for the few days you need or taking meals out if you need, too. This app definitely takes the headache out of meal planning and shopping for this disorganised, shift-working mum!


This app has not only given me a variety of delicious options throughout the week that’s even my kids love, it has helped me stay consistent, on track with my goals… 

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and organised which makes my life a lot easier with work and children. After years of the “same old” meals on repeat I am so pleased to have found Biterite!


Such a great app with delicious, easy and versatile recipes. Easy to use and navigate, amazing quality and love the personalised and qualified health professional support!