Each time you eat a meal you are adding to your calories and macros for the day. By marking meals off as you complete them you are instantly tracking your calories without all of the complicated calculations.

Remembering to complete your meals will keep you on target for your goals and also help you track your calorie intake for the week.

If you forget to mark off a meal for the day, you can go back to any day in the past week from the Today screen. Click on the date and you will see the meals you were supposed to eat for that day.

Step 1

To complete a meal, open the BiteRite app and tap on Meals.

Scroll up or down and tap on the meal that has been consumed.

Step 2

Once you have found the meal that you have eaten today, tap on Complete Meal to record the calories consumed and rate the meal.

Rating your meal helps us to know if recipes need improving and determine your flavour profile as well as which types of meals you like.