If you’ve swapped out meals in your meal plan or created a meal plan for a certain day, you might want to repeat this meal plan on other days in the week.

This is a great idea if you want to cook meals in advance for the next few days.

Using the Copy Meal Plan Day feature, you can copy the current day you are viewing to other days without having to go through and set up each day individually.

Step 1

To copy a day, open the BiteRite app and tap on Meals.

Now swipe across to the day you would like to copy and tap on the copy icon at the bottom right.

Step 2

Then select one or more days you want to paste the copied meal plan into.  Do this by activating each switch next to the required date.

If you have a shopping list created on any those days then the switch will be deactivated.

Finally, click on the Copy Meals Into Days button and your meal plan will reload with your copied days.