Your meal plan is customised to your tastes, dietary requirements and goals. BiteRite allows you to edit a day’s and the entire week’s meal plan to ensure you all your favourite meals in that particular day.

Once you edit your meals in the Edit Meal Plan section, it is good to remember to tap ‘Apply Changes to Meal Plan’ and a few changes will occur.

If you want to know how to edit meals in your meal plan, see the Edit Meal Plan – App Recommended tutorial.


What happens when you tap ‘Apply Changes to Meal Plan’?

In the Edit Meal Plan section, you can edit a selected day’s meal plan as a new preset. Once you have edited the meals in your new meal plan, you tap ‘Apply Changes to Meal Plan’.



When you apply these new changes, a notification block appears informing you that your meal plan will be updates and your shopping list will reset.


What happens when you don’t tap ‘Apply Changes to Meal Plan’?

If you tapped the back button or closed the app and did not apply changes, your meal plan will not update on the selected day(s) and neither will your shopping list. However, this is an easy fix.

Go to Meals and then tap on Edit Meal Plan, and select the day you were editing, your previous information has been saved. 



Tap Apply Changes to Meal Plan once you have found the day you were editing meals for.