Editing your meal plan allows you to change all meals and snacks to other meals within your recommended macros and daily calorie intake without the stress of calorie and macro calculations.

Within the Edit Meal Plan, Biterite has an App Recommended feature that selects a meal based on your current goals and requirements.

When you apply your changes to your meal plan, it updates your Meal Plans for the selected day and resets your shopping list to ensure that you can get all the ingredients needed for the new meal plan.


Step 1

To edit your meal plan, open the BiteRite app and tap on Meals.

Tap on the Edit Meal Plan button.

Step 2

Choose the day of the week you want to edit your meal plan.


Step 3

Then tap on a meal you want to change.


Step 4

Scroll down and tap select on the meal that you want to add into your new meal plan. 

Repeat this for the other meals you to want to edit in your meal plan.


Step 5

Once you have selected all the meals you want to edit for a particular day, tap on Apply Changes To Meal Plan.

Your Meal Plan for the selected day will be updated and your shopping list will reset.