Creating Your Shopping List

The Shopping List accounts for how many days in the week you want shop ingredients in your meal plan and updates the ingredient list even when you edit your meal plan. 

To create a list, tap Shopping List. 

Then select the amount of days you want to buy ingredients for and you can choose if you want to start the list today or tomorrow’s shop.


Then tap Add and tap Create List.


Setting Out Serves

Setting out serves is great if you want more serves for yourself or even cooking for family and friends.

To adjust serves in your shopping list, tap on Shopping List and set the amount of days you want to buy ingredients for.

Then tap Add.


Then tap on the amount of serves you want per each meal for that day and then tap Create List.


How To View A List

After you created your list and go shopping, you may want to remember where your meal plan shopping list is located.

To find your shopping list, tap Shopping List and tap on the list that you created.


Marking Off Ingredients

When you have created your shopping list for your meal plan and in the process of shopping, you may want to mark off your ingredients that you have put in your trolley or have bought and keep your shopping experience organised.

To mark off your ingredients, tap on Shopping List.



Then tap on the shopping list that you created for the set day(s) and scroll up or down to find the ingredient you want to mark off.


Then tap on the ingredient or food item to mark it off.


Deleting Lists

Once you have completed your shopping or made an error with your last list, you may want to delete your shopping list.

To delete your shopping list, tap on Shopping List.  



Then tap on the Delete Last List button on the bottom right screen.