How To Remove Your Data From BiteRite

BiteRite collects your personal information so we can deliver the best experience possible with our app.  If you no longer wish to use our app you can request that we remove all of your personal data from our systems.

When your account is deleted we will remove all personal, identifiable and historical data.

Only your mobile number will be retained to block future use of the app.

If you still have the app installed on your device

Follow theses steps to remove your personal data from within the app.

Important: Removing your personal data does not cancel any payments or subscriptions you may have in place.  Ensure you have cancelled all payments before deleting your data.

At the top right of the app, tap on the user profile icon:

Switch to the Profile tab and then tap on the Delete Account button:

You will now see the Delete Account screen. Double-check the information displayed, then tick the agreement box and finally tap on the Delete Account button.

If you no longer have access to the app.

Please send an email to info@biterite.app with your name and mobile phone number, requesting that we delete your account.

We may ask further information from you to verify your identity before your account is deleted.