Who is BiteRite best suited to?

BiteRite has been designed for all individuals, from busy mothers through to a crossfitter who trains 5 days a week! It’s based on helping educate individuals on the importance of fuelling themselves to get the most out of every day!

When should I start?

Now! The sooner you get started the sooner you will achieve the results you are wanting! There is no need to wait to sign up to a subscription to suit your budget and requirements. Subscriptions are conveniently and quickly processed 24/7.

What is the cost?

The free version gives you access to Discovery which includes our recipes and articles. The Premium subscription includes all the features of the app including your meal plan, shopping list and more. Pricing can be viewed on our Pricing Page.

How do I pay?

During signup, credit card details are securely collected and used to process subscription payments weekly.

How long does it take to receive my meal plan?

Within 60 seconds, it’s personalised, too! 

How do I determine what food items to buy in the weekly shop?

Our app can generate a shopping list based on your meal plan, whether daily, every few days, or weekly.

When and how do my check-ins happen?

Our check-in process is designed to be user-friendly and can be found under the ‘Today’ tab. You will receive an automated reminder saying, “ It’s time to update your weight and take measurements.” Our friendly dietitians and nutritionists will also check in with you each week.

I want to lose some unwanted body weight, will this suit me?

YES! During signup, you will be asked a series of questions relating to your current position, requirements, and goals which will be used to formulate a personalised meal plan utilising hundreds of recipes to help you lose that unwanted body weight!

Do you offer vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free options?

YES! We appreciate that you may have certain dietary requirements and we tailor make your meal plan, and recipes to accommodate this without any extra charges or fees.

I want to gain muscle, will BiteRite help me achieve this?

YES! During signup, we will ask you a series of questions relating to your current position, requirements, and goals which will be used to formulate a personalised meal plan utilising hundreds of recipes to help you gain muscle!

Do I need to count macros or calories?

BiteRite does not require you to count calories or macros, as it takes all the guess work out for you. BiteRite will formulate a personalised meal plan that provides you with the right macronutrients and calories to achieve your goals.

How do my calories and macros get calculated?

We have developed an algorithm that considers your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) based on the information provided during onboarding.

Can I change my macros?

The whole purpose of BiteRite is that we’ve taken care of all the ‘hard stuff’ for you, including calculating your own macros. But rest assured, we calculate your specific macros above industry standard.

How often should I change my goals?

BiteRite will ask you to set your goals and parameters on signup. These should be changed no more than once a month. You should not change these too regularly, as you begin to see results.

How do I determine my physical activity levels?

This is very important for you to achieve your goals, using BiteRite way. When you download BiteRite, there is a free article that will help you decide which activity level best reflects your current lifestyle.

What if I have more questions about my meal plan?

If you are subscribed on the premium subscription, you will have access to direct messaging feature with a sports dietitian that will be able to answer your questions. We want to help you achieve your goals, as best we can.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’ve streamlined the process. You can easily manage your subscription by clicking on ‘manage your subscription’ in your profile within the app.